Japan’s precious cultural heritage – Ukiyo-e (literally meaning “depicting life”) – has been the main source of RMC’s sources of inspiration, with previous series leveraging precious Japanese national treasures such as ancient Kabuki beauties and Sumo wrestlers, expressing vividly Japan’s glamorous lifestyle during Edo era in every piece of jeans.

The latest creation focuses around ancient Japanese laymen’s busy but simple life together with picturesque landscapes. This time, Martin returned to life basics, all because he likes imagining returning to bygone times, and experiencing life with deprivation. It is exactly the traditional and ancient wisdom tackling life overwhelmed by scarcity and deprivation ruled that is worth our appreciation.

Although the theme returns to simplicity, the latest series of RMC by MARTIN KSOHOH is not at all simple. It is extraordinary! The designer has reframed the structurally complex and colour-rich embroidery into two back pieces coming with two back pockets. The technological requirements for this are far more demanding than the former series. Cloth material selected is again the top class colour cotton cloth winning Gold Award from the Cloth Material Association of France. This new series emphasizes the choice and match of colours, and strives in enriching the dimension and stereoscopic feeling of the embroidery.

Martin Ksohoh of Yoropiko


























For instance, in “Sedan-Chair Labours Crossing the River” the design has deliberately lined the water and the sky in one, and deployed five blue tones to portray the difference between the sky and the water. The impact is shaking! In “Travelling over Mountains and Valleys” numerous colours are utilized to capture nature’s lively changes and to bring out the rocky hill’s features in details. In the latest series of RMC by MARTIN KSOHOH, every piece of embroidery claims work over 800,000 stitches, which can be described as the challenge to a “Mission Impossible” for the production of a pair of jeans. Designer Martin Ksohoh’s painstaking efforts and the company’s devotional “800,000 stitches” have lifted RMC jeans to new horizons – they are not just jeans, but a piece of art for appreciation.

RMC by Martin Koshoh is an original local brand in Hong Kong, founded in 2002. Directed by Martin Lee Yat Ming, the product design is based on the concept of exquisite embroidery stitching technique on denim garments.

England striker Darren Bent is a big RMC jeans fan and is seen here wearing a pair of original RMC jeans along with football star DJ Campbell.